Collective Student Financing. How Does This Credit Work?

Collective student financing with peer to peer, plus a novelty as a credit alternative for students who want money to finance their studies. It is no secret to anyone that it is increasingly difficult to pay for university or to enter higher education in Brazil.

Continuing the study anyway has been a challenge with all the cuts and changes in government these days. In Brazil, some student financing and credit programs are available from the government, such as Fies and Prouni and Quero Bolsa, an online platform, but the situation is unstable with all the changes that have been taking place in the country.

What is Collective Student Funding?

 What is Collective Student Funding?

To reach the dream of the diploma or just want to continue studying, there are other possibilities that the student can explore. Biva’s student credit is an example of these options when creating alternative student credit project. Do you know how this credit line works?

First of all, it should be made clear that online Biva is not a bank, it is a loan platform and it is launching the mode of collective student financing for students. In addition to not worrying about the abusive interest rates of the financials, you can take advantage of to make a network of collaborators and, perhaps, to help fulfill someone’s dream.

Financing and loan to achieve dreams!

Biva is a collective financing platform . It can be used for both business investments and personal loans. Its main function, however, is student credit. The Biva is nothing more than a peer to peer loan platform. This is a type of collaborative credit. P2p means point to point. That is, this is a direct transaction between the investors and the beneficiaries.

Peer to peer lending platforms are sites that connect companies or individuals who are seeking loans with their potential investors, whether to pay off the debt in the company or continue studying. The platform can help you find the financing you were looking for.

How can I finance studies with the loan?

How can I finance studies with the Biva loan?

Getting the loan to fund the studies with BIVA is easier than you might think. Nor is there so much bureaucracy. To apply, first access the online platform to perform a simple registration. In this registration, enter the required data and follow the instructions in the next steps.

Sending documents should be done by photo, on your smartphone. After submitting this information, the credit assessment will be done. Once 100% of the amount of your funding is achieved, the semester is paid. You should keep in mind that the monthly fee is not covered 100% by credit. In this platform you will pay 40% of the value of your monthly payment, with an interest rate of 2% per month and have its semester dissolved in 9 months.

This credit is very simple to obtain and is certainly a good aid for those who are having difficulties paying the university or the technical course. It is the dream of the diploma and of a profession ever closer! In addition to this type of student credit, you can find alternative investment forms, and small business loan and MEIs.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the online platform?

Biva - what are the advantages and disadvantages of using the online platform?

Biva is a financing platform full of advantages and a great name in the market. Since it is not a bank, interest rates are lower than normal loans, and putting rates and interest on paper really ends up being very worth opting for Biva.

The applicant does not need to pay membership fee or credit opening. At Biva everything is done online, so make sure your internet is working very well. Another differential of this platform is that, at the time of its graduation, Biva still helps the trainee to get in touch with companies for a good placement in the market. Is not it really a big differential?

To recap: the main advantages are:

  • Lower than market rates
  • Less bureaucracy, but faster
  • Financed by people
  • Opportunity in the market

Use finance and credit wisely

Use finance and credit wisely

Before you apply for collective P2P funding or personal credit, think hard about whether it is right for you. You need to evaluate and calculate well if you can repay this debt. There are key points that you should check before you apply for this investment. You should also look at how well lending P2P loans work.

Even if you have the dream of a college and find it difficult to bear the costs, you need to put it on the end of the paper if you have all the conditions to pay later. First, study how much capital you have and how much you want to invest. Evaluate the best due date if the value of the benefits fit your budget. Make sure you can pay for everything on time and avoid interest rates.

Currently the platform has about 10,000 registered investors and has already granted approximately 35 thousand reais in credit. These collective loans and now with the novelty of collective student funding, which are increasingly common. These alternative ways of helping others and yourself should evolve further. The Biva is proof of this. With their social loans everyone wins.