Loans Without Payroll Or Endorsement, Is It Possible? – Quick Credits and Quick Loans

Until recently, anyone who went to a bank office to apply for loans without payroll or endorsement or without one of both requirements, automatically received the same answer: No. But the credit sector has changed a lot in recent years, especially since the appearance of platforms such as Captain Nemo , where it is possible to get an online microcredit without having to meet such demanding requirements. In these lines we explain why banks reject these requests and why Captain Nemo does.

Payroll and endorsement, essential for banks

Payroll and endorsement, essential for banks

Given the high amount of personal loans handled by banks, well above € 10,000 in many cases, all entities try to ensure that the applicant has sufficient economic capacity to meet their obligations to return, both as regards to income as to the stability of that income. For this reason, fixed payrolls are so important for banks: they provide security in both aspects.

However, some entities open some loophole of hope if the applicant can provide a guarantee, be it banking or personal type. If so, it is always advisable to analyze the conditions of the guarantee, since in the first case it may be a very expensive operation and in the second, it may involve certain guarantor commitments that are certainly risky. What is certain is that without both, the possibilities of obtaining a credit in a bank are nonexistent.

In addition, even if the applicant has payroll and endorsement, there are other requirements that must be met. The main one is not to be part of the lists of defaulters . The most famous is ASNEF, but in that group of directories is also RAI, FIJ or even Cirbe, a file at the banking level and managed by the Bank of Spain that alerts the cases of ‘suspicious’ clients that have not yet completed any default .

Captain Nemo does grant loans without payroll or endorsement, why?

Unlike banks, online credit platforms have relaxed access requirements for financing. The best example is Captain Nemo, which grants loans without payroll or endorsement of up to € 750 , which is a second chance for many people who have found the ‘No’ answer in the bank offices or who have not directly bothered to try it. .

The reason that Captain Nemo does grant loans without payroll or endorsement is the amount of these: the maximum is € 750 but the minimum is really low: € 50. Amounts like this are so assumable that you do not need to have too high an income to be able to meet the return period, which ranges from a single day to 30 days.

Another central idea is the absence of monthly payments : the return of the credit is made only once, so it is not necessary to prove that you have a high salary for an indefinite period. Once the amount of the credit plus the expenses is paid, the user no longer has any obligations with Captain Nemo. This, on the other hand, reduces the loan costs, since the more monthly payments are agreed for the return, the more total commissions are paid in total, since each of them has their respective interests. That’s what happens with banks.

And these credit facilities for those who do not have payroll or endorsement is also extendable to those who are part of the ASNEF list and the other files of defaulters mentioned thanks to our exceptional quick credits with asnef.

Requirements for obtaining an online credit

Requirements for obtaining an online credit

As is logical, although the requirements are more flexible than in banks, whoever requests a loan on our platform must meet several basic minimum conditions. The first is that you must be of legal age , not because Captain Nemo requires it, but because that is stipulated by Spanish and European legislation.
The other basic requirement is to have a bank account , which will be where the user receives the requested amount of money. It does not work with other payment methods such as checks or promissory notes because it slows down and hinders the process, and one of the strengths of online loans is precisely its simplicity of processing and reception.
Finally, the other requirement to benefit from loans without payroll or endorsement is to have some type of income , which may not be a payroll, as we have seen. The options that are accepted as valid income are very broad and, logically, must be legal. In this case any type of pension is accepted (retirement or disability are the most common), as well as unemployment benefits. In both cases, the reliability of the payer (the State) is a guarantee of collection. Beyond these cases, you can study many other cases, such as scholarships, inheritances or any other type of demonstrable income.